Key Areas of Human Resources

A survey by the Society of Human Resource Management concluded that companies with less than 250 employees will spend an average of $1,602 per employee/year on 55 key HR functions. Listed below are 7 areas with some of the key functions that PAYROLL EXPRESS, INC. performs as either part of their normal PEO functions, or as a fee based service.

Recruiting & Employment

These are our employees, too; we only want to hire the best. Employing more qualified, engaged people helps both your business and ours remain competitive.
• Professional enrollment & orientation process
• Running of “Blind Ads”
• Client Guidebook
• Employee Handbook
• Client Policies Defined in Addendum to Handbook

Health & Safety

The constant changes in insurance, workers’ comp and employee regulation can be overwhelming when you’re trying to run a company. Because our business is human resources administration, it’s our job to stay up-to-date and ensure full compliance on these issues.
• Designated Medical Provider
• Safety Training
• Workers Compensation Administration
• Injury Recording and Reporting
• Worksite Visits
• Provide Proof of Workers Compensation Coverage


Managing payroll yourself might seem like a money-saving opportunity, but it may be costly in the long run as you struggle to stay current on things like state and federal taxes and reforms for your employees paychecks.
• Payroll Administration
• Performance Appraisals
• Rewards & Recognition
• Incentive Pay Policies
• Provide Wage Comparisons
• Job Descriptions


Because Payroll Express is able to pool our clients’ employees, we offer better benefits at a lower cost than your company is likely to obtain on its own. Better benefits packages help recruit and retain talented people.
• Group Health, Dental & Vision Insurance
• Life & Disability Insurance
• Accident, Sickness & Cancer Insurance
• Flexible Spending Accounts
• Payroll Deduction IRA or 401(k)
• Retirement Plan Administration
• ERISA & HIPAA Compliance

Employee / Employer Relations

At Payroll Express, we manage our clients’ employees as well as their employee relations. What we never forget is that employees are people first. We work hard to foster good relations because that attracts and retains the talent you need.
• Intermediary between Parties
• Open-door Policy for Employee Questions & Concerns
• Strict Privacy Policy on Employee Records, Exit Interviews

Record Keeping

Every year it becomes a little more difficult to run a business because of ever-increasing regulations and their subsequent penalties, especially for a growing business. Good record keeping is tedious, but essential to track compliance.
• #1 Rule in HR – Keep Good Records
• I-9 Verification; Filed Separately
• Social Security Number E-Verification
• Federal, State & Local Withholding Tax Filing
• Withholding Tax Reciprocity Filing
• FICA, FUTA & SUTA Reporting
• Regulatory Agency Reporting
• Garnishments against Wages
• Benefit Enrollment & Administration
• COBRA Administration
• FMLA Administration
• Claims Management
• Anniversary Tracking
• Employment Verification Reporting

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is a vital, streamlined, forward-looking blueprint that can provide all aspects of your company with a common direction and meet your goal of growing your business.
• Work with Client to Establish Goals
• Help Prevent Unnecessary Employee Expenses
• Provide Defined Employment Expense Reports
• Protect Your Valuable Assets – Your Employees
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Provide Employees Continuity in Ownership Changes

How can we help you with implementing HR into your business in 30 days or less?

How can we help you with your HR implementation
in your business in 30 days or less?


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